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7 massage guns that are best For Runners 2023

RTTF is reader supported. We may earn an affiliate commission.For when you purchase through links on the site many years I’ve gotten a month-to-month recreations therapeutic massage it was extremely beneficial in maintaining a happy IT band, aligned hips, and reducing my overall stress levels—which improved recovery because I found. Could an at home massage gun for runners

give me some of those benefits??I’m always looking to spend money wisely, it? so I started to wonder, “Are massage guns really worth” Could a massage that is high-quality serve as a replacement for my monthly sports massage? Is it better than a foam roller for working the*) that is fascia(

In order to discover, we began by speaking with bodily specialist Stuart Wilson of Elevate PT. Then, we managed to move on to trying out a true number of different models. Finally, I checked in with hundreds of runners through one of my weekly Instagram polls, because there’s nothing better than real life data to explain whether something works!🤑Not interested in reading the post that is whole then right here’s a hot tip this INEXPENSIVE therapeutic massage gun

is equally as great (while nonetheless becoming quality adequate to final), in the event that you choose a person is required.

But My goal is to give out more information on which I’ve utilized and just why some professional athletes might save money for several functions.

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Let’s diving directly into all you need to learn about therapeutic massage firearms for athletes to support those tight hamstrings and aching muscles.

Understanding a Massage Gun?

Massage firearms, referred to more theoretically as percussion massagers, percussive treatment or vibration treatment, tend to be one step up from home tools we’ve long had usage of, like deep structure massagers which use a far more circular movement.

When fired up, therapeutic massage guns pulse forward, generating a effect that is pounding the muscle, aka percussion.

The percussive massage gun is a lightweight, portable handheld that is wireless shaped a little like an instrument you’d expect you’ll see on a construction task. Nearly all are tiny sufficient in your gym bag and take them on the go.

  • The that you can even throw them “gun” name comes from being shaped like a nail gun
  • (or power drill) and with the idea that is same the therapeutic massage device itself pushes outward. Particularly these are generally made to:
  • Utilize level, rate and power going to muscle tissue that deep structure therapeutic massage would with less pain
  • Allow you to definitely work with much deeper than you are able to with a foam roller
  • Different rate configurations permit various quantities of muscle tissues work

The duplicated force provides vibration treatmentTargeted for use on tiny muscle tissues (think about your TFL or pecs that are difficult to get with a foam roller)It’s important to notice that percussion and vibration

massage guns

are actually various

. Percussion is working deeply in the structure, where something such as a vibration foam roller is assisting to distract nerves from discomfort. That enables you to definitely work more about an certain area or simply to reduce pain.What are the Benefits of a Massage Gun?Unfortunately there aren’t yet a ton of studies to prove the claims out becoming made, which visits show lots of it might be within our minds like making use of

compression tights for operating. Don’t care, I’ll take all of the headspace wins One can be got by me small study did show that using vibration and/or massage helped with muscle soreness.

And a new

larger review of many studies supports that data!When runners engage in high-impact activities, their muscles can experience microtears, leading to stiffness and soreness. Percussive massage really helps to expedite the recovery process by increasing circulation into the location, which supports nutrient distribution and waste removal.Including a


  • that revealed
  • 5 minutes with a massage weapon had the benefits that are same 15 minutes with a massage therapist.
  • Based on what doctors and therapists that are physical about massage, we’ve extrapolated the expected advantages for athletes just who regularly utilize therapeutic massage firearms.
  • manipulation encourages tight knotted muscle tissue to discharge by increasing circulation
  • reduction in muscle mass tightness due to the vibration that is deep*)increased muscle relaxation could promote better sleep
  • increased blood flow to that area when finished can help with muscle recoverycould improve flexibility while the muscles are in a state of distractioninterrupts pain signals to the brain (discovered this when writing about
  • vibration foam rollers)potential increase in muscle strength (



One of the unique benefits of massage guns is their ability to activate the nervous system’s pain gate mechanism.The Rapid pulses that are percussive the product can stimulate physical receptors within the epidermis, delivering indicators into the mind that briefly override pain indicators from sore muscle tissue. This will offer relief that is immediate make post-run recovery more comfortable for runners.

PT, Stuart Wilson, encourages runners to begin making the massage gun part of their nightly routine. Thinking of this recovery time as priming the body for the workout that is next. In reality, this can be one of several items of the Injury Prevention plan for athletes we produced.There is some


in accordance with the Journal of Sports medication, so it could wait or delay DOMS (delayed onset muscle pain). This means we’re able to teach much harder, again sooner.Are Massage firearms beneficial?During my final

sports chiropractor see, I inquired for still another viewpoint. We understood my Therapist that is physical was board, but what did my sports Chiro think about this tool.

Do you think people should be massage that is using at home?”

  • Dr. Toby Spitzlberger DC had a few actually wise what to sayit’s really exciting when people first get it and then many sort of put it to the side and stop using it (touch
  • é

my friend touch


massage gun shoulders

on every gizmo we lust after).


I think should NOT just keep going over and over a area that is sorethat’s a powerful way to boost irritation, similar to the reason why you don’t foam roll your IT Band).It’s fantastic for involved in to a glute (or any other muscle) while additionally making use of activity regarding the leg.So the discussion that is overall to yes they are worth it when used consistently and when you know how to use them correctly. You could be doing more muscle damage if you’re using them incorrectly.

Don’t Worry, we shall plunge directly into that briefly.

7 Most useful therapeutic massage firearms For RunnersWhy tend to be therapeutic massage firearms therefore pricey? There’s a lot of technology included, but we can’t provide a reason that is huge the $600 massage gun is massively better than the one I’m using and is on sale for less than $200.My chiropractor does have the $600

Theragun Pro

  • and l
  • ikes the massage head if you end up over a bony area
  • , which is easy to do around your shoulders and chest on it because it doesn’t cause pain. As mentioned, I’m searching for items that could be only a little more wallet friendly, however you can’t fail as to what the vocations like.
  • *Note: We don’t suggest some of the mini therapeutic massage firearms, too much to have force that is enough be useful. There are plenty of great massage guns under $100 that are full size.
  • #1 Heat and Cold Massage Gun –

ROLAZ Massage Gun ($83)For a low priced massage gun, this has some features that are great. I really like that this has the hot and cold features, having used them I can say they are fabulous.

Contains all the massage heads and a carrying case (though really why bother with the ones that can’t do heat or cold?!)

  • Metal head slides really easily and again the heat just feels good
  • Percussion may not feel as deep as others, I often use this type just for vibration
  • #2 massage that is best Gun Under $100 –
  • Tolco Massage Gun
  • ($40)
  • It features over 42,000 reviews and it is nonetheless at 4.5 movie stars if you ask me that claims lots because men and women are difficult to kindly!

It also offers 20 rates rendering it simple to pick your energy amountTons of therapeutic massage minds for various needsEasy to read through display screen to decide on your energy amount


Don’t allow an affordable cost cause you to believe it can’t get the job done. It may!

In reality, perhaps the tier that is top have been dropping in price. So it.

#3 if you’ve been waiting to find the best massage gun, now is the best time to snag Mid-Level Smart therapeutic massage Gun – ($219)

There tend to be many different Theragun choices, that one is middle of this roadway. Never as costly as the model that is professional but not moving down to the less powerful Theragun Mini.

Most Theraguns claim to have a deeper muscle tissue treatment than you’ll find with lower powered machinesPrime vs Pro: It will have the intensity that is same but less stall power. Therefore you could easier use pressure that is too much. It has a slightly shorter battery life at 2 hours.

  • Prime is much quieter than the other versions
  • Comes in a pouch carrying case, rather than a hard sided case
  • Wireless charging

Smartapp bluetooth integration will give you actual routines to use!

#4 Professional Gade Massage Gun – Theragun Pro ($599)(you need that super deep muscle penetrating pound, then the Theragun Pro you find at most PT’s office is where you want to look.
  • Just remember that more force doesn’t always mean a better result.
  • This is going to be the heaviest massage gun at 2.8lbs, with the most stall force of up to 60lbs (especially the budget ones are more like 20-30lbs.
  • Same*)If you really want to level up and functions just like the screen that is OLED interchangable heads as the Prime.#5 Bluetooth Guided Usage – Hyperice Hyper Volt

    2 – ($299)

    My Ragnar team was obsessed with this model that is particular moving it back-and-forth between vans once we traded down legs.

    • It’s one of the most preferred designs in the marketplace. It can have a lot fewer rate choices than the others, but reports having an extended electric battery life. 
    • It’s additionally detailed as you of this quietest therapeutic massage firearms.
    • Hypersmart application will provide you personalized programs to get the maximum benefit of I would probably choose something else out it

      • TSA friendly
      • Very quiet, but only 3 speed levels
      • For the price. BUT Hypervolt is a quality that is really high and also this therapeutic massage weapon will probably endure you a long time.
      • #6 Great power and Angle
      • Erkin Athletics that is b37( – ($299)

      If you really like that deep force of the Theragun, here is a cheaper option that is really well liked. A bonus is the slight angle of the massager can make it easier to reach around and get your back muscles (a must like the emerald color!

    • Ultra quiet technology#7 Mini Massage Gun –
    • Sportneer Mini 3 ($49)
    • If you need a mini for traveling, this is a decent option among those out there, to actually still provide some power for me).Super long battery life
    • Deep percussion – 5 speeds to choose fromPretty…does that matter, I don’t know, but I. It surely does bring a punch, at approximately half the charged power of a Theragun, which is going to be on par with a lot of full size masssgers.
    • They label it as pocket sized, but I’m not sure whose pocket we’re talking about.  It’s about as tall as an IPhone, but of course still chunkyGreat LCD screen
    • 5 SpeedsGood battery life
    • *fun note: do know that they will be thinking it’s a different vibrating device.What to look for in a Massage Gun?

      Some of the key features we looked at when testing runner massage guns if you travel with a mini massage gun, you’ll likely get stopped at TSA…and. I experienced a couple of i must say i wished to suggest, but after testing they simply had therefore power that is little couldn’t truly say they’d done anything.

      Amplitude – how deep it goes (probably the most important factor based on what you need the massager to do)

      • Speeds – how much you can control the intensity
      • Nice to have multiple tool heads to hit muscles differently
      • Easy to hold
      • Good battery life (I’m definitely one who forgets to charge things)
      • A warranty in place of a monthly massage
      • Who Should Avoid Massage Guns?
      • But let’s not forget that for some people a massage gun may not be the best choice for recovery because it better last awhile if you’re using it. it is constantly crucial with any technique from cryotherapy to

      ice bathrooms

      to accupressure to learn the body.

      It’s important to focus on security and check with a medical pro before making use of a massage weapon, particularly if you have recently suffered an acute injury such as a muscle strain, tear, or sprain, it’s crucial to allow your body sufficient time to heal before using a massage gun if you fall into any of the following categories:

      Recent Injuries. Applying pressure that is percussive an injured location could exacerbate the damage and wait the recovery process.

      Open Injuries or Bruises:

      avoid a massage weapon on places with available injuries, slices, or bruises that are significant. The intense vibrations and pressure could hinder the healing that is natural and possibly trigger additional harm.Inflammation or illness:

      those with problems described as irritation, such as for example arthritis rheumatoid or intense attacks, should stay away from massage that is using in areas affected by inflammation. The stimulation that is additional lead to enhanced discomfort or prospective problems.

      Certain Health conditions:

      those with particular health conditions, such as for example deep vein thrombosis (DVT), bloodstream clotting problems, weakening of bones, or skin that is certain, should consult a medical professional before using a massage gun. These conditions may require guidance that is specialized guarantee safe use.

      Chronic Soreness Conditions:

      people with persistent discomfort problems such fibromyalgia, neuropathy, or fatigue that is chronic should consult a healthcare provider before using a massage gun. The intense vibrations might aggravate these conditions, and a healthcare professional can offer guidance on the approach that is best.hydragun review


      If you’re using medicines that affect blood clotting (bloodstream thinners), discomfort perception, or muscle mass purpose, consult with your doctor before making use of a massage weapon. The relationship involving the therapeutic massage gun’s impacts as well as your medicines ought to be examined.


      Children’s figures are building, while the influence of percussive treatment on the muscles that are growing bones is not well understood. It’s recommended to avoid massage that is using on kiddies unless particularly suggested by a pediatrician.

      Unfamiliarity or Discomfort:

      it’s essential to start with low intensity and short durations if you are new to using massage guns or experience discomfort while using one. Discontinue use if you experience pain, numbness, or any reactions that are adverse

      How To make use of therapeutic massage Gun?

      on yourself and that’s ideal to ensure you aren’t using too much pressure.This while I love having my husband run the massage gun over my back, generally you’ll be using it isn’t a deeper is better scenario. Not the sports massage, where you’re gripping the table you need to relax.If as they work through that calf knot kind of thing.Step 1 you’re tense it harder for the tool to work and it’s likely going to hurt more because you know an area is tender, you’re making. Start with a very light pressure and ease in to the area.

      Start on the speed that is lowest and enhance as required.

      You’re making use of a touch that is light allowing the vibration to help release the knot.

      You’ll only be holding it on a given area for a few seconds, around.Think of finding a tight spot and moving it around for 15 seconds, moving over that whole area of your body for no more than 2 minutes.An as you continue to slowly move it Entire body that is full might only take 5-10 minutes. This is not like getting an hour massage; that overkill that is’s your muscles.Do NOT overuse it.DO never utilize it on hurt areas, strains, sprains, etc.Do maybe not utilize it on bony places.

      You can use it a times that are few the day if desired, with at least a couple hours between.

      When To Use a Massage Gun?You can get benefits of using the massage gun for recovery late in the day or for priming muscles prior to a workout.Muscle

      Activation: 30 Seconds

      Pre-workout, you could utilize it on areas like your glutes and quads to hep wake up the muscles with a session that is shortA few research indicates that deploying it in the forearms enhanced hold energy when done before lifting. Another revealed even more energy within the quads.So it is undoubtedly really worth testing in your dynamic heat up. I prefer it hitting to my tight TFL just before a workout.


      Re-Activation: 15 moments

      Some have advised deploying it during a good work out whenever you’re just starting to tiredness, perhaps as the muscle is created by the vibration distraction to lessen pain signals. This is more common in strength training sessions where people are also looking for those gains noted above.

      Relaxation: 2 MinutesOnce you’ve fully cooled down from a workout or are getting ready for bed, the massage can be used by you weapon on various places for approximately 2 mins. Once again going the weapon around regularly, it is believed to advertise leisure and can today be involved in to those areas that are tight release fascia.How to Use Massage Gun Heads?

      I admit this was one of the things that are first had been interesting about…why countless and just what do they are doing? Maybe not attempting to injure myself by just testing, we started initially to research throughly first!

      This is considered the most head that is used as it can really go anywhere on the body and the softer foam will be less intense on places like your inner thighs (which often get skipped with foam rolling) or tender calf muscles.
      Medium BallThis may be made of something a little firmer than the foam ball depending on the model, but is also suitable for use on most of the body and may simply provide a little more muscle that is intense compared to the bigger mind.

      Flat MindThis one may be more ideal for most of our larger sore muscles because it spreads out the impact. I like both the head that is flat the basketball much more nearly all of my therapeutic massage time.running coach

      BulletThis smaller, much more tool that is intense designed for specific trigger points and is often used on the soles of the feet. It’s sometimes mentioned for use around joints, but I don’t think for the part that is most we should take in any manner delivering an effect in the bone tissue.

      Fork Mind

      This split mind accessory enables you to target places for instance the neck or spine without hitting the bone. But is also often used on the

    Achilles(*), or in an area where you want a hit that is dual help launch the muscle tissue.(*)Steel Minds(*)As I discovered using the (*)Hydragun(*), they are really INCREDIBLE. Specifically because I’ve been hitting my glutes and reasonable right back difficult considering that the ultramarathon and find my shirt always getting snagged up…not with this.(*)Do You Need a Massage Gun?(*)If asked, this wouldn’t be the first tool that I’d spend money on, around either though I do enjoy mine.(*)Probably because I’m stingy with where I spend money and I don’t want to throw yours. Was we taking pleasure in having one? Without a doubt. But they’ve been out for decades and I also survived without one, too.(*)I’d begin with an excellent couple of (*)compression tights(*), the best jogging shoes, exemplary(*) working clothes(*)…and then I’d ask if you’re performing a dynamic warm-up and (*)strengthening your hips(*).(*)Once you’ve said yes, I’m performing those, then go ahead and get a massage gun.(*)This isn’t a cure all or a magic bullet, (*)but if it excites you to train or helps you feel like recovery is better(*) then GO FOR IT.(*)I got in to running because it was cheap if you are wanting to treat yourself or take things to the next level. I could run in my cotton t-shirt, my mesh shorts and the shoes I had laying around…I quickly learned at least that last piece was a very choice that is bad(*)But truly, we never ever may have thought just what I’d invest in a (*)GPS watch(*) and never ever also pondered something similar to therapeutic massage weapon.(*)Yet now, we recognize that the best resources are foundational to to maintaining me personally injury that is running.(*)Which means keeping me sane.(*)Looking for more reviews to find the best things for your run?(*)Checkout our page that is full of*)running equipment reviews(*) and guides to save lots of you time looking around and cash! We share what’s struggled to obtain me personally and runners that are fellow along side that which wasn’t really worth the price tag.(*)A few common needs:(*)Other methods to connect with Amanda(*)Instagram Daily Fun: (*)RunToTheFinish(*)Facebook Community Chatter: (*)RunToTheFinish(*)Sign Up to get a Weekly Newsletter with Top Running Tips(*) and Laughs(*) (*) (*)


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